R#34 with David Strempel from Coretex Records

David Strempel Coretex Records

The legendary Berlin record store Coretex Records is run by David Strempel and two other managing directors. In episode 19, Alexander Schröder visited him in Kreuzberg for an interview on the Redfield Podcast, and now there is an update on the Corona crisis in the music industry.

Strempel reports on what the store closures and cautious openings mean for him, his team and the entire neighborhood. He talks about the current economic situation for the record store and mail order company that specializes in hardcore and punk, the solidarity in the scene and industry and his assessments of new opportunities. The Berlin-based company was not only a very early supplier of branded respiratory masks, but also consistently expanded its own merchandise collection to suit the target group.

And then there was the matter of having your own beer that had to be drunk...