R#33 special episode with Michael Milkowski from MoreCore

Michael Milkowski Morecore.de

After the managing director of the German-language online magazine Morecore.de was already a guest in Redfield Podcast Episode 14, Michael Milkowski reports on the current situation in the Corona crisis in the special week.

While the specialist for hard sounds generally made manageable cuts in the media sector, an important pillar of the young company suddenly disappeared completely in the current situation. The popular Morecore parties can no longer take place across Germany, so Milkowski, who also plays as a DJ, quickly decided to organize a 24-hour fundraising stream on the Twitch platform.

In the Redfield Podcast with Alexander Schröder, Milkowski classifies the economic situation for the online magazine, reports on the idea behind the successful 24-hour stream, how the term “Loopcore” came about and introduces the new MoreCore podcast “Core Business”.