OF COLORS drop 'Bleak' together with WATCH OUT STAMPEDE

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Life sucks, deal with it – as loud as you can.

Uncompromising, powerful, pissed off but at the same time passionate, emotional and vulnerable: The modern heavy band OF COLORS is back on the scene with new music. OF COLORS have a big mouth – in their songs, on stage and aside from it. But even though they're ready to attack and the tone is a bit rough sometimes, it's only because this is about affairs of the heart and emotions, whose energy is everything but negative. If you really want to get down to business and speak nothing but the truth, you just can't consider everyone's sensitivities.

Two years ago, in April 2018, the band's debut album from Frankfurt, Germany was released. Since then, OF COLORS worked hard to multiply their audience in front on the stage and on the Net as well. The formula for their success were unconditional and impulsive live shows on the one side but also songs like 'Oblivion' or 'The Arrival' that were able to put the potential of the band across and first of all the single 'Wildfires' that had been recorded together with NOVELISTS singer Mattéo Gelsomino.

Bleak /bli ː k/ - adjective: not hopeful or encouraging; depressing

For 'Bleak', the first new track since 'Entelechy', OF COLORS seem to have turned off the lights completely and they proudly present the bruises you can get from the rough edges of their sound. Once again, there's also a guest vocalist: Dennis Landt from the Redfield label mates WATCH OUT STAMPEDE is joining the band for the new tune. OF COLORS frontwoman Anne Brendel provides an outline of what her band likes to express with 'Bleak': “It's about the egocentric behavior of humanity and the total exhaustion of the resources that's coming along with it. The song is accusing, provoking and uncomfortable on purpose. How are we supposed to go on, if no one is looking out for the people around them anymore? “The human touch is running the risk of getting lost in an elbow society.” Guitarist Alex Rizopoulos adds: “We have never been so clear and uncompromising about ourselves, no matter if it was the song-writing or the re-structuring of the band. The lyrics and the music conglomerate into a product that is unifying the creation and the eventual message perfectly.” OF COLORS agree: “The new material incarnates our experience and our development as musicians.”

Don't get it wrong, OF COLORS are far away from being a band that gets overwhelmed by the emotions and uncontrollably clobbers instruments and tears apart vocal cords. They rather understand it to connect their hearts with their brains and make music that is fascinating and ambitious. For Alex, the goals for the song-writing are clearly defined: “In the end, it's all about making the emotions pop in a way that it's exciting in every aspect. We never aim for some sophisticated technical standard that we try to achieve because the complicated stuff is never better per se. Anyway, we don't want our music to become trivial as well, that would be just boring for everyone."

Free yourself, let it all out. If you succeeded in freeing yourself from all negative energies, there's new room for positive ideas. And if you have listened to OF COLORS during the process, you'll have to admit that it has been a lot of fun as well. Time to get real!