MARATHONMAN release “In a Small Town”

“It was a first-class play, melancholic and thoughtful.
Like Romeo and Juliet, everyone was killed.”

Almost exactly two years ago, MARATHONMANN released their last studio work “The Fear Sits Next to You”. Now this album cycle ends with the single “In a Small Town”. The track was written at the same time as the other songs on the album, but the band decided not to include it on the record, but rather save it for this moment.


Before the band from Munich enters the studio soon to work on new material, the boys not only leave “The Fear Sits Next to You” behind them, but also the live album “Alles auf Null”, released in the spring, once again considered:

As part of the release of the Unplugged record, MARATHONMANN asked artist friends to cover their songs and the version of their hit single “Flashback” by CASINO BLACKOUT particularly stood out. So the new release was quickly declared a split single and also features this cover.

You can watch the video for “Flashback” here: