Home Time is Record Time - Support the Redfield Family

Redfield Records

Instead of being on the road with headphones on and streaming music, many of us are being stuck at home right now with a little more of spare time. Why not blow the dust off your faithful record or CD player, take the cover and lyric sheet in hand and listen closely? Why not order some titles off your bucket list and SUPPORT ARTISTS AND LABELS who are all facing difficult times right now?

We would like to encourage you to stroll through artist shops, mail-orders or even our side and pick up records, CDs or some merch to improve your home office outfit - there is also some fine Redfield stitching available.

Take a look at what bands, retailers and other labels have in store for you. Just to name a few:
Marathonmann , Alex Mofa Gang , Watch Out Stampede , Hippie Trim , The Disaster Area , Of Colors , Dreimillionen , For I Am King , Coretex , Kings Road Merch , Merchcowboy , Impericon , Green Hell , JPC , End Hit s Records , Uncle M. ..

Help the #redfieldfamily as well as music will help us all to get through this!

Alex & Chrisse