Finnish Indie Rockers NEW DEADLINE Return with 'California IPA'

With new material in 2020, headed by the single ' California IPA ', NEW DEADLINE embrace the message of hope and positivity of their second album and keep running with it. After nationwide airplay, several European tours, festival appearances and shows at the renowned Reeperbahn Festival or with RISE AGAINST, the band from Finland takes an even more indie approach to spread optimism that is wrapped in dreamy melancholy but still keeps the grip of a rock song .

In spring 2018 NEW DEADLINE released their landmark long-player about positive thinking and believing in yourself, called 'To Hope'. After numerous shows and tours in celebration of the album, the band finally returned home, let the dust set a little and looked at their work in retrospective. “After 'To Hope' we felt like something was left unsaid, like we had even more to give. “So, we wrote more songs that came from that same place like ‘To Hope’ but deeper to that we as humans relate to hope,” says singer Jonas Aaltio. Drummer Eemeli Rimpiläinen adds: “There was a real release plan, shows and tours in the pipeline but, as we all know, the universe had another thing coming. So, we decided not to keep this to ourselves any longer – and now we are giving it to you.”

That batch of new songs were brought to life by producer Lauri Eloranta, who took NEW DEADLINE to new, uncharted territory. The songs were recorded mostly live in one room all at the same time. That alone fills everything with a profound grittiness and a sense of presence that you feel in your stomach.

This first song in 2020 is called 'California IPA'. “It's about taking responsibility for something or someone and how it can tear you in a million different directions - even to the point of trying to avoid those responsibilities by escaping from your own reality - and how to steer back to what's really important,” Jonas explains.

NEW DEADLINE covers great human emotions in Scandinavian modesty. Like the video for 'California IPA' that doesn't try to be the next ultimate sensation but the atmosphere is able to move you to tears. In the end, the sun will rise again and it's going to be alright. A very relatable message – especially in times like these.