'Exile' Shows THE DISASTER AREA at Their Loudest


After playing in front of tens of thousands on their recent tours with ESKIMO CALLBOY and TO THE RATS AND WOLVES, THE DISASTER AREA returns with the raging new track 'Exile' that is jaw-dropping manifestation of their live energy. The metalcore band that keeps on refining its very own style with alternative rock and electronic elements leaves no doubt that it will be back on stage as soon as there will be the chance again.

'Exile' is the follow-up to the track to 'Glasshearts' that was only released in November 2019 and which was streamed more than a quarter million times to this day. The track was produced by Romesh Dodangoda who was, among many others, also responsible for 'Amo', BRING ME THE HORIZON's latest album.

While 'Glasshearts' was nothing less but THE DISASTER AREA's declaration of love to their fans, 'Exile' is about the existential doubts that everyone has to face. Is the world that we build around us nothing more than an exile from reality? Are we able to handle the pressure that put on ourselves? 'Exile' is an emotional snapshot. Musically as well, it's an outbreak, the purifying moment that we all desperately need every once in a while.



Booking: Ignition
Promotion: Redfield Records
Label: Redfield Records