BONY MACARONI Join the Redfield Family

It is with great pleasure that punk/emo poppers BONY MACARONI and Redfield Records announce their collaboration on future releases. Let's not beat around the bush: Of course, this will culminate in an album. But let's take off a bit more slowly.

In addition to their congenial name, the Dutch band has everything that it takes. They got...

…the songs : BONY MACARONI are clever songwriters, yet they don't leave the impression that they overthink things. This is wild, this is anthemic, beautiful and weird. It can be huge as well as it can be intimate. This is “your new favorite band” material.

…the big mouth : Fuck yeah, the lyrics are indeed explicit, although what's really meant is that BONY MACARONI would never be modest about the way they're making music. They don't need excuses like being a newcomer or a European band, because this is just awesome for what it is.

…the head and the heart : BONY MACARONI are too smart to put platitudes into static musical schemes. They know how to turn their creative ideas into catchy and exciting songs that never fail to get their message to the listener, no matter if they need to get a personal story off their chest or if it's a razor sharp comment on a more global issue.

…the slight humor : To be clear, we're not talking about comedy here, hell no, but BONY MACARONI would only let you down to pick you up again. You can trust these guys, they will leave you smiling. It's not ridiculous but ridiculously good – big difference.

…the record label : “We are super stoked about working with Redfield Records”, singer Stefan Bonestroo is raving. “Mainly, because we think the guys are hella nice dudes that really believe in the music we write. “So, we’ve made a record we’re really proud of and I think they can really help us BRING IT TO THE MASSES.” Redfield owner Alexander Schröder shares the enthusiasm: “Send us great music and you'll get signed – here's the proof. BONY MACARONI's music just clicked with us instantly. “The decision didn’t give us sleepless nights.”