BONY MACARONI Get Particularly Feisty with New Track

BONY MACARONI 's second single on Redfield Records hits very differently. After exploring the rock bottoms of love relationships with the track 'Hollow', the Dutch newcomers are now striking with an anti-capitalistic, punk-infused emo pop song that is about “the shittiest fucking job” that singer Stefan Bonestroo ever had: Working in a chicken slaughterhouse. “There's the cruelty of killing innocent animals for food, but there was also the cruelty of grinding away in a cold-ass factory for insanely low wages while your brain feels like it is slowly dying,” he states.

I'm stacking my boxes, they're full of body parts
My alienation is off the charts
And when I get home, I'm still a worthless motherfucker
And, yeah, I blame the Bezos, the Gates, and the Zuckers

“I still vividly remember the 16-year-old me biking to work, seeing trucks full of weeks-old chickens parked out in the blazing hot sun, knowing full well I would be packing their wings and breasts in boxes later that day,” Bonestroo is further remembered. Like all the great songwriters, BONY MACARONI take this personal story and look at it from a more universal perspective that everyone can relate to who's not part of the 1%.

Slowly but surely BONY MACARONY are revealing that they're not just an emo band that's whining about the loss of love (even though they're great at that, too), their upcoming record is also about losing money, and losing a sense of purpose while everything is around you seems to be in a constant state of decay. “But don’t worry,” Bonestroo reassures. “BONY MACARONI are here to make decay sexy and infectious.”