That Very Time I Saw... - Observing Life Through Rose Coloured Glass - CD (2001) - Redfield Records

That Very Time I Saw... - Observing Life Through Rose Colored Glass - CD (2001)

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Redfield Records' very first release - Everything began with THAT VERY TIME I SAW...!

The “E-word”, “Emo”: no one dares to use it without quotation marks anymore, the clichés seem overwhelming, but what can and should that tell us about the individual band? Nothing, exactly, and then five guys from the east of Düsseldorf (which would already answer the question of where Haan is) have been making music together since the middle of 2000 that is based on great role models like TEXAS IS THE REASON, SAMIAM and QUICKSAND , then you are on the safe side. Forget emo, call it punk rock, call it indie rock, just call it good music that kicks and proves that men can show their feelings too. And Shakespeare, William, English playwright (1564-1616), is responsible for the fact that THAT VERY TIME I SAW... is called that - every child needs a name.

Track list:
1. Observing Life Through Rose Colored Glass

2. Something Here Went Wrong
3. Don Quixote
4. Season ticket
5. Right Out Of Time
6. Please excuse
7. Two, As Thick As Thieves