Summer's Last Regret - Understanding - CD (2002) - Redfield Records

Summer's Last Regret - Understanding - CD (2002)

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The band Summer's Last Regret emerged from the school band FULL CIRLCE, founded in Bonn, in 1999. At that time the band members were between 17 and 20 years old. In 2002 the debut EP "Understanding" was released on the Redfield Records label, which was just starting out at the time. "Understanding" was the second release on Redfield. The band played emo influenced by GET UP KIDS and GRADE, or what was meant by emo in the 90s. They played support slots for ALKALINE TRIO, GRADE, PALE and a few others. The band broke up in the summer of 2003 and the members then founded new bands, including FIRE IN THE ATTIC, GO AS IN GORGEOUS, THE ZERO THREE, DIE RAKEDE and KMPFSPRT.

Track list:
1. Wait
2. Recovering
3. The Last Word
4. Found My Way To Say I'm Sorry
5. Compromise