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Shoreline - Eat My Soul - Vinyl LP

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After extensive tours throughout Europe, including as support for HOT WATER MUSIC and ADAM ANGST, SHORELINE from Münster are back with their first album “Eat My Soul”. The young band presents a multi-faceted long player that deals with interpersonal conflicts in special situations.

The album was largely created while on tour, so it's about the feeling of not being at home when life events such as the death of a relative, conflicts with a partner or friends are experienced from a tour van.

Musically, SHORELINE's “Eat My Soul” ranges from THE MENZINGERS to TITLE FIGHT and combines their punk rock roots with fresh influences from emo and indie.

Track list:
1. Andre The Giant
2. Hana
3. Bent/Broken
4. Thieves
5. What Sucks Is Now Hidden…
6. Eat My Soul
7. Vanish
8. Walking Through
9. Wasps & Flies
10. Two Floors Beneath
11. Sleepy Habits