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Kids Insane - All Over - LP (2014)

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The debut album of Israel's most successful punk rock band

Since their first show in Tel Aviv at the end of 2010, Kids Insane has been the name to look for in the local hardcore scene. Known for their intense live shows and absolute chaos between the stage and the crowd, rules don't apply to these kids, they give it all and they are ready to take everyone with them.

In the Summer of 2012, Kids Insane's debut 'All Over' has seen the light of day. It was released on CD in the USA and Israel with the help of Third Time Lucky Records and on Vinyl through Take It Back Records from Berlin, You're Next Records from Israel and Crapoulet Records from France. The album started getting great and encouraging feedback, something that pushed the band to take it further and tour Europe for the first time in September 2012.
Recently, the band signed a deal for this album with Redfield Digital, a sub-division of the well respected Redfield Records from Germany.

The success of Kids Insane continues by playing big festivals like Groezrock in Belgium in 2014 and by making it to Redfield Records. There Kids Insane will re-release their debut album 'All Over' on CD and vinyl.

Track list:
2. Hanged Drawn & Quartered
3. No Place Like Home
4. Don't Need This
5. Waste
6. Story Of A Lonely Street
7. Fix It
8. Same Shit, Different Scene
9. Wrecking Ball
10. Spread It All Over