DesasterKids - Sex, Beer & Breakdowns - CD (2013) - Redfield Records
DesasterKids - Sex, Beer & Breakdowns - CD (2013) - Redfield Records

DesasterKids - Sex, Beer & Breakdowns - CD (2013)

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Disasterkids was founded by former We Butter The Bread With Butter guitarist Iain Duncan and vocalist Andi Phoenix in Berlin, Germany in 2012. After guitarist Jonas Nitz, drummer Tommy Hey and bassist Paul Schmidt joined the band and songs were completed, the band entered the studio in early 2013.

Five of these tracks that found their place on the debut EP "Sex, Beer and Break-downs" were mixed and mastered by Daniele Nelli, vocalist of the metalcore band "Tasters" (Nuclear Blast) in Livorno, Italy. The modern mix gives the music the pressure it needs, blasting through your ears and punching you straight in the face.

The unique and characteristic music of Desasterkids combines heavy guitar riffing with catchy sing-along choruses and violent breakdowns, mixing electronic elements with orchestral melodies and powerful choirs. The energy and quality of this debut EP can easily compete with established international acts of similar genres and expectations are high for their upcoming full-length, set for release in early 2014.

Only a few weeks after the finalization of the EP, Desasterkids gained strong partners, including Monster Energy, Avocado Booking and signed a record deal with Redfield Records. This band's kickstart couldn't be any better.

Track list:
1. These Boots Were Made For Kicking Ass
2. I Do What I Do Because Fuck You
3. You Have No Friends, Your Argument Is Invalid
4. #FameFameFame (feat. Daniele Nelli)
5. Sex With Ultimecia