R#93 with Tim Böning, founder of The Bomber of Hearts

Tim Böning

About mental health, excellent booking years and 25 years of turbulent experiences in the music industry.

He went on tour with one of his best friends and because he wasn't suitable as a backliner, he took on the role of tour manager. In this role, Tim Böning accompanied the band Thumb in the 1990s, who had just signed a record deal with EMI at the time.

In a seamless transition, the Gütersloh native went on numerous well-known tours for Moderne Welt, DEAG and MLK as an accountant and tour manager. At the same time, he enrolled to study business administration, which sometimes led to absurd moments.

In the Redfield Podcast, Tim Böning reports how, as Kylie Minogue's tour companion, he drives up to the university for the exam in the sponsored golden Mercedes-Benz from the tour fleet, only to return a short time later for the next show.

He finally founded “Der Bomber der Herzen” with friends in 2010, booked bands like Bilderbuch, Macklemore and Cari Cari and reported on the successful but turbulent last years in which the booking agency grew but the business changed. Structures had to be created, the pressure and work became more massive.

In 2013, together with his brother, he saved “Die Weberei”, an important socio-cultural center in his hometown of Gütersloh. Suddenly he found himself in the role of renovator, restaurateur and program designer with the double burden - parallel to the actual booking job in his agency.

In 2018, Tim Böning received the LEA Award as best agent and Goodlive joined his agency. Despite the externally visible success, Böning openly and impressively describes in a conversation with Alexander Schröder the worries and problems that had slowly arisen.

In mid-2021, Tim Böning ventured out of cover and published a well-received article in MusikWoche about his own health and, after 25 years in the music industry, also said: “This job can be dangerous for your brain.”