R#91 with Matthias Strobel, founder of MusicTech Germany

Matthias Strobel

As a child he underwent musical training with the Regensburger Domspatzen, one of the oldest and best-known choirs in the world. However, the rigorous study ultimately ensured that Matthias Strobel took a break from singing and playing the piano forever. Nevertheless, he remained loyal to music - albeit in a different form.

After training and working at ZDF, Matthias Strobel became involved in the start-up Nagual Sounds in 2012. Using technology, the developers wanted to create music only through body movements. The start-up was showered with praise, but in the end there was no investor money.

Strobel then led a refugee camp in Berlin in 2015 - a phase that challenged him incredibly and taught him a lot, as he reports in the Redfield Podcast.

He later delved deeper into the world of music technology and founded the Federal Association MusicTech Germany, which aims to bring the traditional music industry together with the music tech pioneers.

In the interview, hosts Alexander Schröder and Matthias Strobel discuss the diverse technological developments in the music industry. They talk about the difficulties of clean metadata, standardized databases, but also exciting developments such as AI, NFT, 3D audio or virtual reality.

The music fan also explains the Wicked Artists agency, recently founded with Dennis Kastrup. With this they want to support artists from new media and creative technology and make them more visible.