R#90 with Matthias Boecker, founder of Thirty Something Records & canvas&frame

Matthias Boecker

Booking, label, brands and advertising with a DIY background.
Matthias Boecker founded canvas&frame together with his wife in 2018. After many years as an organizer and booker, he is well connected in the music industry with the Berlin creative agency and, for example, designed the branding as well as the logo and word mark for the new “Tempelhof Sounds” festival by FKP Scorpio.

Shortly afterwards he revived an earlier passion project and founded the new label Thirty Something Records. In addition to re-releases of international emo and indie bands that he has known for many years, new signings are also planned. After two and a half years, Boecker had already released 28 publications.

In the Redfield Podcast, Alexander Schröder talks to Matthias Boecker about his multifaceted career, which took him through numerous booking jobs in the early years and ultimately into the advertising industry. He also looked after major brands with corporate bookings, for example for the Telekom Street Gigs.

In the conversation, they discuss what influence brands can have on the development of bands and music, how artists should market themselves better and why a DIY start in the music world can be an excellent launching pad. There's also a short detour into the American indie and emo label world with Deep Elm & Co.