R#89 with David Jahnke, co-founder of duophonic

David Jahnke

Everything about the current situation in vinyl production.

Almost twenty years ago, David Jahnke and Moritz Illner founded duophonic in Augsburg. On the one hand, a broker for sound recording production, but at the same time one of the few vinyl editing studios in Germany. Without this necessary step, no record can be pressed.

In a conversation with Alexander Schröder, David Jahnke gives deep insights into the current situation when it comes to vinyl pressings. Surprisingly, there is only one company in Japan that actually produces the thin, lacquer-coated aluminum foil that is needed worldwide for vinyl cutting.

Together they discuss how expensive new vinyl presses are, that used machines are in high demand worldwide and why he advises against venturing into this booming business, even though duophonic will soon put its first vinyl press into operation.

Jahnke also gives an overview of the raw material situation and the two examine the question of how ecologically PVC can be processed and whether the months-long waiting times in record production could soon be reduced.


(Photo: Bruno Tenschert)