R#86 with Sarah Lüngen, co-founder of The Changency

Sarah Luengen

How difficult is it to act ecologically in the glittering world of music?

She is a qualified biologist with a very special focus, then switched to the music industry. After positions in PR and marketing for major music festivals, marketing management for Rolling Stone or Musikexpress as well as PR for Virgin Records, Sarah Lüngen set up her own PR agency What Sarah Said in Berlin.

Now she founded The Changency together with Katrin Wipper. The two of them say their hearts beat for music and sustainability and with their agency they want to help shape ecological, economic and social change in the music industry.

In the Redfield Podcast, Sarah Lüngen reports on the paths of her career, why she knows the best-known German criminal biologist Mark Benecke well and why she went on a trip around the world lasting several months between her job positions.

She also explains why the time was right to found The Changency and explains the business model behind it. Hosts Alexander Schröder and Sarah Lüngen will discuss, among other things, ecological aspects of merchandise and sound recording production and look at ways to make events greener.


(Photo: Nadine Kunath)