R#84 with Sebastian Król, co-founder of Fanklub.com & Backseat

Sebastian Krol

The founders of Fanklub.com promise a new platform for bands and fans.

Together with Arne Thamer, Sebastian Król founded Backseat, a Hamburg-based music agency for PR and label services, which is active for Sarah Lesch, Kristofer Åström, The Fratellis and Tiger Lou, among others. Before that, he gained years of experience in the PR, marketing and booking business and is also active as a musician under the name Karwendel.

Together with the Austrian Andreas Jantsch from the Viennese indie label LasVegas Records, they worked on the new platform for months. With Fanklub.com, music lovers now want to bring bands and fans together digitally and help artists market their music in order to generate a stable income.

In the Redfield Podcast, Król reports that Fanklub.com wants to assert itself against similar platforms such as Patreon through specialization and what plans he and his two business partners are pursuing. He also explains what challenges had to be overcome on the way to the launch, what funding opportunities there are and what features Fanklub.com is planning to continue to offer.