R#83 Update with Fabian Schütze

Fabian Schütze

You can expect an astute analysis of current topics in the Redfield Podcast when industry expert Fabian Schütze is a guest. So of course he discusses the current situation in the music industry with Alexander Schröder: concerts, funding, outlook and months of production times at the vinyl pressing plants.

Schütze and Schröder once again exchange ideas about the sales situation and confirm why D2C seems so important to them. There is an update in terms of merch bars, marketing channels or strange new format names like the “Discless Box”.

The creator of the “Independent Music Business Know-How Transfer Machine” analyzes the IPOs and efforts of large companies as well as the associated expensive publishing deals. Schütze also reveals whether he would like to publish his low budget High Spirit magazine regularly as a print edition in the future.