R#79 Update with Oise Ronsberger

Oise Ronsberger

He's back: Oise Ronsberger was already a guest on the Redfield Podcast in episode 17 - that was in February 2020. At that time he talked about his label End Hits Records, the job as tour manager for Parkway Drive, among others, and the way there.

After the effects of the pandemic became noticeable a short time later, there was an update at the end of March. Now Ronsberger can be heard again on the Redfield Podcast after more than a year. Here he reports what has changed for him in the last few months. He moved back to Germany, returned to his old job and, as a nurse, directly experienced the effects of the corona pandemic.

He also reports on the steps his label End Hits Records has taken and whether he plans to go on tour again this year. Oise Ronsberger and Alexander Schröder discuss optimal distribution structures for indie labels, extensive vinyl editions and long pressing times and why one of the next End Hits Records releases definitely belongs in the cultural department stores.