R#76 with Michael Borwitzky, musician & founder Michael Borwitzky Label Services

Michael Borwitzky

Between hype and crash. As the drummer of the Bad Bentheim band “Union Youth”, Michael Borwitzky experienced a roller coaster ride that was well documented under the title “Kings of the World”. And yet, even as a young person, it was clear to him that he always wanted to work in the music industry.

Union Youth released their albums with Warner Music and Roadrunner. After the band ended, he returned to Warner as an intern. He worked at Lado and Soulfood until he worked for Ferryhouse, the label owned by media entrepreneur Frank Otto, for years - most recently as Chief Operating Officer.

After all the years in the music industry, Borwitzky took a break in 2020, but his old contacts didn't let up. And so Borwitzky, who is still active as a musician, is back with his label Service and looks after the business of Cooking Vinyl, Dine Alone Records and Clouds Hill Recordings.

In the Redfield Podcast, Michael Borwitzky looks back on his career. Together with Alexander Schröder, he looks at the area of ​​responsibility of the label service and explains what advantages this model offers not only for artists, but also for labels. In addition, they will take a look at the diverse possibilities of promotion and sales - especially in the future.