R#75 with Kathleen Alder, founder of WildKat PR & PostKultur

Kathleen Alder

About classical Grammys, Snoop Dogg and metal investments.
Kathleen Alder comes from a music-loving family. Her father Chris Alder has won multiple Grammys for classical productions over the last 30 years.

After working in the hip-hop business for Universal Music and getting to know scene leaders like Snoop Dogg, she decided to become self-employed.

By founding WildKat PR in 2008, she realized her vision of accompanying the contemporary and classical music world in a more modern and powerful way than was previously the case.

Today WildKat PR operates offices in London, Berlin, Paris, New York and Los Angeles and was able to raise an investment of almost one million euros. In the Redfield Podcast, Kathleen Alder explains how this came about, who her clients are and what tasks she and her employees take on for them. She reports on the structure, the first projects and what challenges working in classical music presents.

At the same time, Kathleen is involved in voluntary organizations and is always pushing forward new projects. Most recently, the start-up PostKultur, a sustainably curated box with exclusive cultural content, in which even metal great and Wacken co-founder Holger Hübner invested.