R#74 with Chris Weinrich, founder of This Charming Man Records

Chris Weinrich

Launch pad and scene size. When Chris Weinrich founded the label This Charming Man Records in Münster in 2011, he had already worked for the legendary mail order Green Hell Records for several years. He has been around the music scene for much longer: as a teenager he was enthusiastic about alternative music, played in many bands and later toured with them all over the world.

Even if the big concert for the tenth birthday has to be cancelled, there will be no gloom. In the Redfield Podcast, Weinrich reports on the beginnings of the label. The start was successful with the first publications. Well-selling albums by Kadavar, Die Nerve, Messer and Fjort provided the economic basis. The qualified geographer can now look back on 125 publications.

In a conversation with Alexander Schröder, Chris Weinrich analyzes why bands can become successful, the aspects under which he signs a band and how the music and, above all, sales market has changed over the years. They take a special look at Discogs, Bandcamp, their own shop and the mail order market.