R#72 with Enno Bunger, musician and co-founder of micdrops

Enno Bunger

The indie musician Enno Bunger released his fourth album on Sony / Columbia in 2019 and founded a start-up for very special live streaming at the end of 2020.

Since he also lost all live performances due to the pandemic, Bunger intensively looked into the possibilities of streaming concerts. He tested all platforms and came to the conclusion that none of these services convinced him in terms of quality when it came to transferring music.

Together with Timo Mämecke he eventually founded micdrops and has since played over 100 concerts with their own tool, which is now being rolled out.
The special feature: stereo quality and almost no latency - something that standard conference tools currently cannot offer.

Enno Bunger reports on his own background as a musician in the Redfield Podcast. Together with host Alexander Schröder, who organized concerts with Bunger many years ago, he looks at his musical career path and his own ambitions.

He explains how he came to found a start-up, what challenges awaited him and what the future of micdrops could look like.