R#64 with Jorin Zschiesche, founder of recordJet

Jorin Zschiesche

He fought for the deal with Apple and iTunes for a whole year and streaming was still in its infancy. Jorin Zschiesche went from being a computer scientist to a DJ and from a DJ to the founder of the German digital music distributor recordJet.

In the Redfield Podcast he tells Alexander Schröder about his beginnings in self-employment through to the strong customer growth that resulted from the time without concerts in 2020. He also gives his assessment of the future of digital music and reveals why he sees potential in a platform from China of all places.

RecordJet refers to its customers as passengers, the CEO is the captain: Although Jorin Zschiesche chose the branding for his digital sales rather by chance in 2008, the success of his company is by no means accidental.

Rather, as you can hear in the podcast, Zschiesche had the right instinct at a time when iTunes was becoming big and there was no mention of platforms like Spotify or Napster. At that time, most service providers and labels were too expensive for the computer scientist and trained media producer, and the technical background was too poorly thought out. Technically savvy and having gone through the DIY school as a DJ, hip-hop producer and label maker when he was just 18, Jorin wanted to start his own business and founded recordJet.

Today, numerous national and international artists use the distribution and make use of a wide variety of services. He wants to continue to build this up, relies on good analytics and his company as a platform for other service providers.

In addition, Zschiesche is co-founder of the Filter Music Group, an agency that takes a very holistic approach to developing artists and offers other services in addition to labels and publishers.