R#50 with Eric M. Landmann

Eric Landman

He manages one of the most successful German rock bands and has accompanied the Beatsteaks since the beginning in 1995. Eric M. Landmann was also the editor of unclesally*s, one of the highest-circulation German music magazines with a six-figure circulation, for many years. He was always heavily involved in the event and marketing business, so that after the magazine ended, Sally*s Music & Media GmbH has continued to operate as a full-service agency for media consulting and planning since 2012. At the same time, he founded the Central Council Center with Marc Feldmann. Together they advise and support brands and companies such as Levis, Deezer, Gibson Guitars, Radio Eins and Berliner Pilsner.

On the anniversary episode 50 of the Redfield Podcast, Eric Landmann reports on how he discovered the Beatsteaks and, just a few years later, how he helped them land their first major record deal with the punk rock legend Epitaph Records. He explains why the Beatsteaks have a second manager, Torsten Dohm, and under what circumstances the band achieved their commercial breakthrough.

Landmann gives insights into his long career, which was initially based primarily on concert events. He remembers why Uncle Sally*s ultimately had to close and explains what projects the Central Council Center is working on. He also reveals what it actually costs to run a drive-in cinema in Berlin and what excitement there was about his quote for a newcomer radio quota, which was published in April and had its origins in a WhatsApp group in which a large number of Germans Band managers are represented.