R#141 with Asterix Westphal, lawyer and musician

Asterix Westphal

About the right contracts and tactful dealings.

Asterix Westphal is a lawyer for music, media and entertainment law and is also active as a musician, for example with “The League of Ordinary Gentlemen”.

In an entertaining and reflective manner, he explains his daily tasks, which are more focused on providing advice and assistance with contract drafting. The Hamburg native will not be found in court.

Growing up in an artistically committed family, Asterix Westphal started early as a drummer and later found his way to studying law as a cultural and music journalist. As a result, he worked for star composer Hans Zimmer's company in the USA. In addition to a lot of professional learning, he also gained a lot of other experiences. Among other things, he had to work as a German vocal coach for the punk band Goldfinger for the Nena cover of “99 Luftballons”.

He later moved to the legal department of Sony BMG and became Director of Business Affairs before setting up his own business after a few years. Since then he has regularly advised and represented well-known and successful artists. He tells host Alexander Schröder in the Redfield Podcast what this means to him and what professional advice he has for artists.

At the end, the expert, who also works a lot as a lecturer (e.g. at GEMA or Popakademie), gives a brief, technical classification of AI.