R#131 with Marco Völkel & Martin Königsmann

Marco Völkel and Martin Königsmann

A rapid growth story from the music industry: from three to 18 employees in just a few months and the company was radically restructured.

Martin Königsmann and Marco Völkel have been at home in electronic music for over 20 years and founded the booking and management agency Swinque in 2010. Both saw the company as an artist agency and worked with globally active artists such as Felix Kröcher, Mark Reeve, Virtual Riot, Franky Nuts and Marten Hørger.

In 2020 the world stood still for well-known reasons. Königsmann and Völkel suddenly had a lot of time. They holed up in the office and talked on the Redfield Podcast about how they had been talking for weeks.

What else do you personally have planned? What would the perfect agency for you look like? What prevents them from not starting it again?

This is how MGNFY was born. Ticket marketing was identified as another important pillar and the current agency is based on the four pillars: Music, Live, Marketing, Business.

In a conversation with Alexander Schröder, the two founders talk about what it means to overcome such an enormous upheaval within just a few months and in such a crisis situation. In addition to setting up almost all business processes, the company grew from three to 18 employees today - and the trend is rising and is financed from cash flow.

Deep insights into the mechanics of electronic music and, above all, about running and building a modern, data-driven music agency.