R#117 with Rita Flügge-Timm, founder of DolceRita Music & Publishing

Rita Flügge-Timm

Rita Flügge-Timm is one of the most successful German music managers; responsible for countless bestsellers and, among other things, leading the major comebacks of Nena, Die Prinzen and, above all, Udo Lindenberg, with whom she maintains a very special and, above all, long-standing connection.

Determined and with attitude, the Hamburg native started early in the music industry and worked in a managerial position for years. She has a long business and working relationship, especially with Warner Music.

In the Redfield Podcast, Rita Flügge-Timm reports how number 1 bestsellers such as “Time To Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman or “First Day Of My Life” by Melanie C were created under her leadership.

At the same time, together with host Alexander Schröder, she takes a look at the mechanisms and recipes for success in the music industry and reports on the concept “The Gerd Show”, which was originally a comedy radio show and which achieved unimagined popularity during the time of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

Of course, her work with Udo Lindenberg, with whom she has a long-standing relationship and friendship, is also discussed. Because she fights so passionately and purposefully for her artists - even within her own team - he refers to her as “The Lioness”.

Rita Flügge-Timm was responsible for Udo Lindenberg's brilliant comeback and has since been responsible for all subsequent Lindenberg No. 1 albums for Warner and her own company DolceRita Music & Publishing.

Together with her business partner Jennifer Belger, she also implemented the Princes' No. 2 comeback chart album "Crown of Creation" in 2021, as well as Kim Fisher's recent album and music career as A & R and management.


(Photo: Dagmar Leischow)