R#109 with Eva Ries, music manager and “Wu-Tang is forever” author

Eva Ries

Hip-hop, culture clash, music history and assertiveness. As a trained advertising photographer, Eva Ries sought her way into the music industry early on. It was only a turbulent USA scholarship and a self-confident appearance that finally catapulted her into the US world of record companies. Ries is a rock fan, worked at Geffen Records in New York and Hamburg and was the first band to get the Wu-Tang Clan on his desk in the 1990s.

She accepts this task and the absolute culture shock in complete desperation. She doesn't understand anything about this music. She pushes through and wins the trust of the nine rappers with a criminal record, who initially show her a mixture of pity and mistrust. Among other things, they sometimes believe she is an FBI agent.

After various positions as an international music manager and marketing expert at RCA, Loud Records, BMG and Sony Music, among others, Ries became self-employed, continued to work with the Wu-Tang Clan, especially with the head of the group RZA, and published the book “Wu-Tang is forever” by Benevento Verlag.

In it you can read a part of her life story that is inextricably linked to one of the most legendary hip-hop bands in the world. In the Redfield Podcast with Alexander Schröder, Eva Ries tells some of these sometimes crazy impressions, but also explains how she managed to gain the respect and loyalty of the musicians.