THE PARIAH Release 'No Truth' & Video with Tobias Rische of ALAZKA

THE PARIAH have finally released their eagerly anticipated debut album 'No Truth' on September 28. Physical copies are available on limited colored vinyl or CD via Silent Cult in the UK and Redfield Records in the rest of the world.

Ahead of the album, THE PARIAH released a new video for the song 'Regression' that features Tobias Rische of ALAZKA. The track is the band's most uncompromising single to date, loaded with a strong message. Singer and frontman Henning Begemann explains the concern:

"We do not see The Pariah as a political band, but it would be wrong not to spread this. As there has been a swing to the right in recent years, it is now our obligation to stand our ground against all racists and nationalists. Let people around you, may it be family, friends, or strangers, know that there is no place for any right-wing ideology in our society. We've seen this before."