THE DISASTER AREA dedicates "0800-111-0-111" to telephone counseling & publishes a statement

THE DISASTER AREA's new single has the number of the German telephone counseling service as its title. With the song, the young band from southern Germany wants to draw attention to the fact that there is help for everyone at any time and to show that it is never wrong to seek help. THE DISASTER AREA wrote the following statement on the occasion of the publication of “0800-111-0-111:

“By chance we discovered some time ago that there is currently a worldwide movement of musicians who are raising awareness of telephone counseling in their countries. It was immediately clear to us that we wanted to be part of it. In Germany the number is 0800-111-0-111.

On the one hand, we want to use the song to point out that telephone counseling actually exists, because many people are not aware of this offer. On the other hand, it is important to take away people's shyness and shame about dialing this number. We want to break the ice and show that it is absolutely OK to accept such an offer and show how important a neutral voice, a neutral thought can be in difficult times.

Unfortunately, depression often strikes late at night, when many people have no one to talk to and are alone with themselves. The telephone counseling service is available around the clock and can also be called in the middle of the night. Often a person you can communicate with can work wonders. Of course, a phone call can't solve every problem, but in some situations it can help reach the next day ("A new day is one call away").

Some also find themselves in situations in which they do not dare to confide their problems and fears to friends or family. Many people are afraid of opening up to those around them. Telephone counseling can also help here, because you can talk to a person without having to expect any consequences. You are not necessarily in constant contact with this person, as is the case with family, for example, which reduces the shyness of discussing problems. We hope that everyone who is not yet ready to go public can break down their mental walls and take the first important step (“Dare to speak up”) through a neutral conversation with the pastor.

But the song title also has a metaphorical meaning. We don't just want to point out telephone counseling, but also express that music in itself is pastoral care and can accompany you through difficult times. You can draw a lot of strength and courage from music and that's exactly what we want to achieve.

We wish that the song is your pastoral care, your 0800-111-0-111.”