R#8 with Philip Herbort and Kevin Domanski

Tarek KIZ, Summer Cem, Yassin and Micel O, as well as major customers such as EMP, are among her clients. Philip Herbort and Kevin Domanski founded their video production company Cinekeeper in Dortmund in 2015. Since then, the two friends have been on the road non-stop, producing image and advertising films, documentaries and music videos. In 2018 they also founded the full service creative agency Hush & Hype with two other partners.

Cinekeeper In the Redfield Podcast, Herbort and Domanski talk about their beginnings and how important their own creative standards are for them in the implementation. They talk about how they get their orders and what they think about new technology and style trends.

In an entertaining conversation with Alexander Schröder, they explain how they don't lose sight of their own company image between fags and energy drinks, what significance this has for the Cinekeeper brand and what you can do with over 14 million views of animated GIFs.