R#48 with Marcus Fitzgerald, founder of gigmit

Marcus Fitzgerald CEO gitmit

Data-driven to the next live concert. Gigmit sees itself as a digital platform for concert booking and now connects over 120,000 artists and organizers across Europe. In the Redfield Podcast, Alexander Schröder talks to gigmit founder and CEO Marcus Fitzgerald about the digitalization of the music industry and the start-up founded in 2012, in which Sony Music also invested.

Dresden-born Marcus Fitzgerald began organizing concerts as a teenager. Based on his experience, he advocates for more digitalization in the events industry and developed gigmit to simplify the time-consuming, costly and networking-related booking of shows. He is certain that the booking business will also experience similarly drastic changes in the medium to long term as music distribution or retail in general.

Will the booking agent then become superfluous? For Fitzgerald it is at least clear that modern tools are the key to future success and that changes always bring opportunities. Gigmit relies heavily on data analysis from various sources such as Facebook or Spotify in order to make concrete - including regional - recommendations.

Marcus Fitzgerald also talks about his career from concert promoter to start-up founder and gives his assessment of the state of the digital music industry. Not only his success with gigmit, but also his view of the industry's high potential for modernization is a central theme of his work and this podcast episode.