R#37 with Dennis Müller, Fuze Magazine & KMPFSPRT

Dennis Müller KMPFSPRT Fuze Magazine

How do you publish a free print medium when advertising volume is decreasing rapidly during the Corona crisis? Dennis Müller had to face this question because he is editor-in-chief of Fuze Magazine. The specialists for hardcore, metalcore and related sounds are currently having to forego all advertisements for concerts and tours, releases are being postponed and the volume of the magazine has been reduced out of necessity. Müller explains in an interview with Alexander Schröder what this means and whether the chances of being mentioned in Fuze Magazine increase.

As bassist for the punk rock band KMPFSPRT, Dennis Müller has also known the other side of the industry for many years. The Cologne-based band consciously decided to release their new album on July 17th and not let the crisis deter them. Dennis Müller reveals the reasons for this and why the release contains ten songs with a total playing time of only ten minutes in the Redfield Podcast.