R#35 with Stefan Schröder from #kulturretter

Stafen Schröder cultural rescuer entertainment shipping company

Stefan Schröder and his three colleagues from #kulturretter have already collected well over 100,000 euros in donations. Actually active in the cultural industry as an organizer and manager with his “entertainment shipping company”, the Corona crisis also hit him hard.

Schröder and his colleagues implemented the idea for the fundraising campaign early and quickly and hit the bull's eye. In April, the #culturesaviors implemented a daily, free streaming offer that appealed to viewers' willingness to donate and also boasted clever merchandising ideas, from their own gin to printable children's coloring books.

In an interview with Alexander Schröder, the creator from Bavaria reports how the idea gained rapid momentum, what the levers for success were and why even the tobacco company Philip Morris became aware of the campaign. He also looks to the future, in which curated livestream campaigns from established indie festivals are planned as part of the #kulturretter platform.