R#31 special episode with Sascha Hörold from the Alex Mofa Gang

Sascha Hörold Alex Moped Gang

The opening episode of the special week (with a daily episode) on the current situation in the music industry reports on musicians without gigs, crew members without jobs and how a band had to quickly turn their annual plan upside down.

After the Alex Mofa Gang released their third album “Ende offen” on Redfield Records in 2019, the rock band toured tirelessly in clubs and on the biggest festival stages. Annual planning has been completely turned upside down since the Corona crisis and the associated event bans. But not only as musicians, but also as crew members, backliners or lighting technicians, individual band members are affected in two ways.

Frontman Sascha Hörold reports in the Redfield Podcast with Alexander Schröder how the band prepared for their German tour, which was actually booked in April, and which tasks are now taking on a new priority. He also explains why they forego live streams and instead release an entire live album.