R#19 with David Strempel, Managing Director of Coretex Records

Coretex Records David Strempel

One of the most famous record stores in Germany is in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Already on the market for over 30 years, Coretex Records specializes in punk rock and hardcore music, is established worldwide and is well connected to the scene.

David Strempel went from being a customer to being one of the three managing directors. Over the last few years he has dedicatedly expanded his own merchandise collection and is not afraid to try out new things. In addition to the black hardcore soap, the record store and popular meeting place in the heart of Kreuzberg now also offers its own beer, regionally brewed of course. Just two of the other accessories and products that are increasingly finding their way onto store shelves alongside sound recordings, merchandise and fashion, for which a second store has been rented.

Together with Alexander Schröder, David Strempel looks at the history of Coretex Records, which began in a squat shortly before reunification. Strempel explains how openly the three managing directors think about other business models and why they don't want to implement many of them. They discuss the times of the CD and vinyl boom, analyze the market positions of specialized record stores compared to Amazon as well as the most effective advertising channels and why committed social media activities are so important for the mail order business.