With ALEX MOFA GANG and “What remains at the end” through the night

Even the loudest pop band in the country gets thoughtful sometimes. The second harbinger of the new ALEX MOFA GANG album corresponds exactly to the melancholically charged mood that the clip for the song conveys and the singer accompanies Sascha on an aimless journey through Hamburg at night.

Advance sales for “Night of Habit” are in full swing. If you haven't done so yet, you can still get your hands on the strictly limited Gang Edition .

“We’re spinning in constant loops.”

According to Sascha, “What Remains at the End” brings together two ideas that illuminate different levels of togetherness:

“On the one hand, the song is about a stuck relationship or friendship in which everyone is busy with themselves. First you lose sight of the other person and ultimately you lose access to each other.

Especially in the last two years, many people have also suffered from loneliness, depression and lack of motivation. Therefore, 'What Remains at the End' is also a call to pay attention to those around you who become increasingly quiet and withdrawn in stressful situations. No matter how difficult a confrontation may be, many need help to get out of the 'perpetual loops'."