MARATHONMANN with a suitable single for the current acoustic tour

Since MARATHONMANN 's successful album "The Fear Sits Next to You" was released in July last year, the song "Die Bahn" has occupied a special place at concerts and in the hearts of fans. On the occasion of the current “Alles auf Null Session” tour, the band is now releasing the poignant track as a single including an atmospheric video.

Singer Michi sums up his thoughts on the song:  “If you listen carefully, you realize that things are often different than they seem, that sometimes life does what it wants and there is nothing you can do about it other than just accept it and accept it.

Everything can change at any second. This is often the subject of our songs, but I don't think any of them deal with it like 'Die Bahn'."

Last limited copies of the first pressing now available

To celebrate the day, we rummaged through the Redfield warehouse and unearthed the last limited copies of the current MARATHONMANN album.

We found exactly seven of the red vinyl version, which was only available in selected indie stores, and the “Glow in the Dark” version is also available from us again.

We also have two other titles from MARATHONMANN in the shop, which are sold out in many places. STRIKE!

“Everything to Zero Session” tour continues

After the shows in Munich were sold out in no time, MARATHONMANN are now adding more dates to their acoustic tour:

08/22 DE- Lindau, Club Vaudeville
08/29 DE- Kaiserslautern, Kammgarn Kulturgarten SOLD OUT
08/30 DE- Frankfurt am Main, The bed
18.09. DE- Erlangen, E-Werk
19.09. DE-Leipzig, Tanzcafé Ilses Erika

All concerts take place in compliance with the currently applicable regulations regarding distance, size, etc.