ANCHORS & HEARTS with documentary #TURNTHATPAGE: Between standstill and hope

Giving up is not an option – the music scene is looking forward

The northern band ANCHORS & HEARTS , based in the area of ​​tension between the metropolises of Bremen and Hamburg, is encouraging. Not just to persevere in the crisis, but also to carry on - with new music and a documentary about people from northern Germany who have not been able to pursue their jobs due to the corona pandemic, some of them for a year now. The interviews in “Between Standstill and Hope”, just like the song “Turn That Page”, are filled with positive energy where you wouldn’t actually expect any. You get to know club owners, musicians, organizers, tattoo artists and other people who do their jobs with passion and heart and soul and for whom giving up is not an option. Everyone has retained what sets them and their jobs apart: a hands-on mentality and a smile. (List of all participants below)

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Label & Press: Redfield Records
Contact: Alexander Schröder

Info about “Turn That Page” and ANCHORS & HEARTS

ANCHORS & HEARTS make music with a political attitude - but it doesn't sound like a Tagesschau podcast or like destructive punk that tells you how shit everything is. The band from northern Germany rather reflects on what is happening in the world and focuses on those around them and themselves. What does all of this do to us? What can we do to make something change? It is an empathetic and, at heart, optimistic perspective that lies behind the martial title “Guns Against Liberty” (released on June 4th). Stylistically, ANCHORS & HEARTS offer rousing punk rock with a metal edge or gripping metalcore with a punk touch on their fourth album, somewhere in the area between RISE AGAINST and A DAY TO REMEMBER. Nothing is glossed over, but not everything is demonized either - ANCHORS & HEARTS offer the mindset to keep going, not just to persevere.

The spirit of ANCHORS & HEARTS is summed up by the track “Turn That Page”: “It's about overthinking, but also about leaving what has happened behind you. “Sometimes it’s more important to turn the page and look forward,” explains Wintjen. In the video for the song, in which they share their network from the music and live industry, ANCHORS & HEARTS address the fact that it is difficult not to give up, especially in the Corona crisis, especially when you cannot do your job and are therefore plagued by real existential fears imagine, but everyone involved emphasizes that giving up is not an option. “For the video, we spoke to affected friends and acquaintances about the topic of the song and asked them how they were doing without their tasks and how they were trying to stay afloat psychologically. It is important to us to use our reach to pat those affected on the back and say: Things continue.” Wintjen has also been affected by the crisis, and not just as a musician: “2020 should be the year in which I more than I work as a tattoo artist than in my original job as a nurse. Then came a total of five months ban from working as a tattoo artist. In addition, all of my balancing valves were taken away: concerts were banned, tattoo studios and gyms were closed. So mentally and physically not the best days. Since then, I've tried not to get into a rut and not to build up negative routines. I draw strength from small tasks and goals.”

“We have never been a band that limits itself to a political message. It's good for us to express our fears, but also our anger, musically. Every idea, every text, is based on a personal thought or a true incident." According to singer Manuel Wintjen, with ANCHORS & HEARTS the emotions are in the foreground, both on a musical and a content level, but at the same time these mix with the music in a completely natural way , what is happening in the world and on your own doorstep. “I think that the last year in particular has made it clear to us that we have to show and say what is right and what is wrong. If we don’t do this, more and more people will be overrun and captured by the lies and threats of questionable and irresponsible governments, parties and, last but not least, conspiracy theorists.”

The ANCHORS & HEARTS, based between Hamburg and Bremen, are by no means newcomers; in fact, the band has already released three albums since they were founded in 2013. Live was particularly popular during the last album: support for THE USED, CRAZY TOWN, IGNITE and CALIBAN, shows at Deichbrand, Hurricane and Rock am Ring. On top of that, a successful double headliner tour with WATCH OUT STAMPEDE. “For a while we were extremely focused on our shows, which meant we only marginally dealt with writing new songs. When Corona tried to pull the plug on us, we had no desire for peace - on the contrary!” remembers Wintjen and enthusiastically reports on the process of creating “Guns Against Liberty”. “The album was created in just six weeks in an extremely focused manner. We captured everything that concerns us like a screenshot and wrote it down. There were so many ideas right away that we didn't want to 'destroy' with long listening breaks and constant new thoughts. That’s what this album thrives on.”

Participants in the documentary and/or music video:

  • Ace Book – professional musician & guitarist of the band ZSK, Berlin
  • Fabian Elm – tattoo artist at Hanse Tattoo, Bremen
  • Jelto Gerdes – independent event manager & ticket service provider, Wiesmoor
  • Andy Dörner – professional musician & singer of the band CALIBAN from Leer
  • Lizzy Winter – self-employed tour and stage manager, Hanover
  • Luis Döring – hairdresser at Mac Hair from Bremervörde
  • Thomas Schipper – tattoo artist in the Dunkelfarben studio and singer of the band Hafensängers, Lüneburg
  • Elisabeth Duderstadt – tattoo artist in the Dunkelfarben studio, Lüneburg
  • Uli Wortmann – music producer & drummer with the bands Afterburner & Knasterbart, Osterholz-Scharmbeck
  • Timo Hollmann – sound engineer, production & tour manager at Harbor Inn Studios, Bremen
  • Alex Schröder – owner of the Redfield Records label, Melle
  • Anja Hieckmann – self-employed merchandiser, Hamburg
  • Marcel Gebbeken – Booker at The Living Proof Agency, Osnabrück
  • Lindsay Kordes – tour manager at Rage Panda Agency and merchandiser, Leipzig
  • Björn Hansen – founder & organizer of sustainable events (Morgenwelt GmbH, Stererolicious GmbH, Hejmo GmbH, Futur2Festival, CruiseInn Open Air, Green Events Hamburg), Hamburg
  • Chris August – booker and operator of Logo, Hamburg
  • Manuel Wintjen – tattoo artist at Manu Anchor Tattoos and singer of the band ANCHORS & HEARTS, Gnarrenburg