ANCHORS & HEARTS Release 'The President'

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Redfield Records' newest signing, ANCHORS & HEARTS, release their single 'The President' only a few days before a fateful election in the USA and it once again sharpens the eye for the urgency of standing up against developments that are no longer just alarming but drawing an unmistakeable picture of the abyss we're heading towards.

The explanation, that ANCHORS & HEARTS frontman Manuel Wintjen is presenting to the listeners, is accordingly precise as well: “Since the beginning of the year, it has become very obvious that we have to speak up about what's right and what's wrong. If we deny doing that, people without broad access to transparent and objective information will be monopolized by the lies and threats of irresponsible governments, parties or even conspirators.” Of course, there is one name that is automatically coming to mind when you speak of these matters. “It might sound like a cliché to call out Donald Trump but it's especially his careless and dangerous decisions in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic that risk the lives of millions of people. He’s openly provoking gun violence and outright racism among his own people.”

That being said, ANCHORS & HEARTS don't romanticize their sphere of influence. Following Wintjen, it's about realizing the connection between global developments and those happening on your doorstep: “We're certainly no megalomaniacs and think that our song can prevent the re-election of Trump. But this dividing of the society is no longer just happening on the political stage, it’s happening in every city and in every small town – in our very own neighborhoods.”

While speaking up clearly, ANCHORS & HEARTS are not a band that is limited to its political message. “It's healthy for us to musically express our anxieties and our rage as well. Every idea, every word is based on personal thoughts or actual events,” Wintjen explains.