ALEX MOFA GANG release “Fake”

Advance sales for ALEX MOFA GANG's new album have gotten off to a phenomenal start - half of the strictly limited Gang Edition is already sold out. In keeping with this, the first foretaste of “Night of Habit” has now been released:

“Axel Springer loves us
Tits, horoscope and war”

“Fake”, the first single from ALEX MOFA GANG's fourth album, was recorded together with the Berlin band TÜSN . Gang leader singer Sascha Hörold outlines the content of the track as follows:

“It's about appearance and reality - the social media phenomenon of having to filter perfection everywhere. Permanent self-expression that has always existed, under the motto: 'What should the neighbors think?'. It's about the throwaway society and the mirror in front of your own face. The 'brave new world', Huxley would say. We say: Relax – you are good as you are! As long as you're not a right-wing denier."

“Night of Habit” will be released on January 7, 2022.