ALEX MOFA GANG do the ass bomb

“I'll do an ass bomb - yeah!
into the swimming pool of life.”

Regardless of the question of whether this was, is or perhaps still will be a real summer, the ALEX MOFA GANG enters the microcosm outdoor pool, strips down to their Speedo and jumps into the cool water - ass first. “Arschbombe” is the feel-good summer anthem of Germany's loudest pop band. The big grin set to music and the high fives directed at everyone who bursts into the pool of order and rules with a big ass bomb. "There's no running here, on the edge of the pool?" Not at all! Harbinger of the new album, which will be released on January 7th, 2022.

Pre-sales for “Night of Habit” are now in full swing. If you haven’t done so yet, you can still get your hands on the strictly limited Gang Edition .

Take part in the #ArschbomenChallenge

BE THERE : Let the ass bomb explode in the outdoor pool, quarry lake, paddling pool or in the bathtub at home! Summer isn't over yet and all the posers need to cool down! Send the ALEX MOFA GANG your clip or post your ass bomb with the hashtag #ArschbombenChallenge on TikTok or Instagram - you now have the soundtrack!

A trip to the outdoor pool is a journey into a parallel world where every cliché is true. There are the girls who are sunbathing and “chilling at the edge of the pool” and the boys who are freshly oiled and “showing off their bodies”. The portion of fries is also obligatory. And while the lifeguard is still shouting a warning: “There is no running on the edge of the pool here!”, the gang of troublemakers has already started - armed with air mattresses and pool noodles - and is letting the water spray all the way to the lawn. “Ass Bomb” is that little bit of anarchy without which we can't make it through everyday life - the short escape - but also a humorous wink at the human behavior that can be observed at the edge of the pool and which real life meets again at every corner.