#23 with Erik Laser, innovation consultant

Erik Laser

He was the first Chief Digital Officer of the German music industry and managed, among other things, Jennifer Rostock. Erik Laser was active in the Hessian music scene from a young age, organized concerts, unconsciously built his network and was very close to a major deal with his own band.

When the dream was shattered after moving to Berlin, his career in the music industry began at Motor Entertainment, Tim Renner's new company after he left Motor Music at Universal. Laser then supported Jennifer Rostock as manager, set up his own management company and then moved to Warner Music. There he eventually became the first Chief Digital Officer in the German music industry and is now self-employed as an innovation consultant and digital transformation consultant and continues to be active as a musician in the band “Bloodhype”.

Laser discusses what his career means to him, what he sees as technical possibilities, digital transformation and development potential for musicians now and in the future in the Redfield Podcast with Alexander Schröder. The digital expert repeatedly makes it clear how important only a good song is to him and that it is not always right to make decisions in the music industry based solely on data.