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TÜSN - Trendelburg - Vinyl LP (2019)

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New edition of the long out of print TÜSN album "Trendelburg".

Black vinyl in gatefold cover.
The edition of the new pressing is 314 copies.

The elimination of external constraints and requirements leaves the work "Trendelburg" will be a very varied experience. The title of the new album combines on the one hand a legend and on the other hand a small town in northern Hesse that still draws a little from the myth of the past.
With “Trendelburg” TÜSN have created eleven interesting songs with different focuses. Musically, the band relies on a mixture of electronics and guitars.

Stefan Fehling, Tomas Golabski and Daniel Kokavecz impressively implement their contrasting content and invite the listener on an impulsive, powerful journey with a few breaks.
The album defies pigeonholing and with songs like “Melanchotherapy”, “Kranke heile Welt” and “Zweifel” among others, TÜSN once again deliver really strong songs.

Track list:

  1. Trendelburg
  2. Doubt
  3. Melanchotherapy
  4. Sick, perfect world
  5. Fail
  6. Black lambada
  7. Made in Germany
  8. Küsn
  9. Sleepless incubation
  10. Even more
  11. Last day