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TÜSN - Trendelburg - CD (2019)

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In an elegant digipak.

The elimination of external constraints and requirements leaves the work "Trendelburg" will be a very varied experience. The title of the new album combines on the one hand a legend and on the other hand a small town in northern Hesse that still draws a little from the myth of the past.
With “Trendelburg” TÜSN have created eleven interesting songs with different focuses. Musically, the band relies on a mixture of electronics and guitars.

Stefan Fehling, Tomas Golabski and Daniel Kokavecz impressively implement their contrasting content and invite the listener on an impulsive, powerful journey with a few breaks.
The album defies pigeonholing and with songs like “Melanchotherapy”, “Kranke heile Welt” and “Zweifel” among others, TÜSN once again deliver really strong songs.

Track list:

  1. Trendelburg
  2. Doubt
  3. Melanchotherapy
  4. Sick, perfect world
  5. Fail
  6. Black lambada
  7. Made in Germany
  8. Küsn
  9. Sleepless incubation
  10. Even more
  11. Last day