The Sedan Vault - Vanguard  - CD (2011) - Redfield Records
The Sedan Vault - Vanguard  - CD (2011) - Redfield Records
The Sedan Vault - Vanguard  - CD (2011) - Redfield Records

The Sedan Vault - Vanguard - CD (2011)

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This record shows a band that goes beyond the usual punk and rock influences. 'Vanguard' has got groove, harmony, songs and punch line lyrics.
THE SEDAN VAULT never loses its hardcore edge and combines this with a rich sound and song structures. The beat is groovy, the guitars are smart and the arrangements vary from electronics to dark brass and eastern violins. Vocals are melodic while lyrics contain catchy phrases. The latest album 'Vanguard' combines influences from both old school artists like Philip Glass, The Residents with new sounds like The Mars Volta, Battles, Klaxons and Mew, which gives 'Vanguard' international character.

When it comes to lyrics, each song of the album is a chapter of a film noir or a crime drama, dealing with schemes, strategies, motives and the rise and fall of a twenty first century arson gang. To vitalize this cinematographic scenario, several spoken word scenes have been recorded, including guest appearances of Belgian rock icon Arno Hintjens and producer Wim Janssens. Besides them, several visual artists have gotten excited about the project. Dave Decat for example, who has designed several worldwide campaigns for Carhartt, asked the band to write a detailed story board for him to base the artwork on. Photographer Danny Willems, known for his collaboration with TC Matic, Arno, Vaya con Dios and Front 242, came up with the idea of ​​a crime scene-like video clip for the single “Unidentified Flying Subjects”. The video got nominated for Best Music Video at Shoot Me Filmfestival in The Hague (NL) and Internationaal Kortfilmfestival Leuven (BE). To highlight the story behind the album, lyrics were given shape in an animated e-novel, designed by Criticus Design. Next to this virtual presence ( the band wrote a cinematic soundtrack and started to present this e-book as a live installation combining both word, image, music and internet as one.

Track list:
1. Cockney Krasherz
2. Communism By The Gallon
3. Autochthonic
4. One Thirty Through The Borough
5. The Axis Of Frazier And Foreman
6. Unidentified Flying Subjects
7. A Rave To Every Home
8. In the hinterland
9. From All Over European Ghettos
10... -. ..- -.-